Yes, Google Play Music Podcasts is still a thing


days since the launch of Google Podcasts, the company is still operating Google Play Music Podcasts, a competing but otherwise separate product, with no signposting between the two.

Google Play Music Podcasts is only available in the US and Canada. It caches your podcast audio, and runs off a totally different database.

A search in Google for "Add my podcast to Google Podcasts" returns a set of pages talking about Google Play Music Podcasts. Their portal doesn't mention Google Podcasts, nor does it work outside of the US and Canada.

Every day, podcaster support groups are full of messages from confused podcasters who don't understand the difference: and don't understand why Google has more than one competing podcast app. Nor do we.

After over days of Google running two, competing, unconnected, podcast apps, the podcast community deserves better. It's time that Google Play Music Podcasts stopped being a thing.